Management Team

Mysterious Ways is a collective of artists evolving in different spheres, and who are passionate by music and artistic events. We have decided to join forces to get the maximum exposure possible and attract all our Montreal and international supporters on a unique plarform where they will get all the info about our community namely, what our Myzterious Artists are doing, where they can be seen and what is going on in the electroplanet. We welcome you into our Myzterious World...


Wired Monkey, as the Egyptian monkey God Thot, is Myzterious Ways' Brain. She is the one who holds all the knowledge and technical skills. She also controls access to the three doors leading to our secret laboratory, where all the recepies and magical potions that guarantee Myzterious Ways' success are simmered.

maggy pianiste

Maggy Baba is coming straight from the Arabian Nights tales, where party never stop for the lucky ones who are part of her clan. She reigns over her kingdom and makes things happen while promoting Myzterious Ways emblem everywhere around the planet. Queen of the night, she masterizes the art of creating memorable events which always end the next day.



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