Following some early musical experimentation, the Krumelur project was launched sometime around 1998-99 by Fredrik Larsson. After a couple of years of ever intensifying exploration, a full length album, Minimal Animal, was released in 2002 with danish Crotus Records. A personal sound and some experimental techniques made it a smash hit in some circles, selling out quickly worldwide and gaining reputation and respect well beyond its limited pressing.

Myzterious Ways has had the pleasure of chatting with Krumelur and getting a better feel of the man behind the sound.

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krusseldorf slideshow 
Myzterious Ways proudly presents: Krusseldorf - aka Simon Heath. Reigning from Stockholm (Sweden) born in 1977, Krusseldorf's music ranges in diversity from glitchy dreamy atmospheric pieces to happy dubby tunes.

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kodacrome slideshow

What's up Myzterious People? This time we're back with Kodacrome - an addictive electronic trio that has been making big moves. Elissa Pociask on keys and vocals, Ryan Casey on drums and electronics, and Phil DaRosa on guitar;

Elissa designs energetic, interwoven pop melodies with haphazard structures, layered vocals, and mean lyrics. Ryan builds rich, textured soundscapes which can fall anywhere in between delicate and grimy. Easy on the head, and heavy on the pretty. Elissa tells us about the mysteries behind Kodacrome in a quick interview...


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Based out of Montréal, Matt Zentrix has earned a name for himself over the past year as an influential force in the local psytrance and techno community. Pushing a crossover style that fuses elements of minimal techno, progressive, electro, and full-on psytrance, he has consistently exposed cutting edge artists and set a stylistic example for others to follow.


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