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Globular started as an attempt to make crazy sounds come out of his brand new hi-fi speakers, via the medium of this mysterious computing machine sat before him sitting before it. He spent quite a long time trying to work it all out, and created some pretty pleasing results along the way. He pictures his music as a kind of an amazing magical land with loads of jelly and ice cream.

What is in your refrigerator right now?

Not a lot, I am vegetarian and just got back from working at Shambala festival (UK), so mainly it's some amazing smelling (veggie) curry and dahl that my brother must have cooked up whilst I was away. Most important thought are the big pots of pesto and tapinard which I get my dad to send up from the market back home.


What can we find in your studio? Which software/hardware do you use to produce your unique sound?

Studio? What studio? Haha I've got a bedroom which I write my music in, does that count? I've got a pair of Tapco S8 monitors, an M-audio fastrack pro interface, a 5 octave midi keyboard, and I just got myself a Novation Remote Sl controller. Everything I've got is pretty standard/cheap, as tech stuff gets expensive real quick, and there's just no way I can afford better. The album was produced in Reason 5 (synths and stuff) which was rewired into Nuendo (audio, guitars & plugins etc). But I'm now working entirely in Ableton 8, which I'm really having fun with.


Globular started posting his songs on the web when he realised that other people might actually enjoy them too (crazy!). His inspiration comes from thinking about interesting stuff, like the fact that wherever you look, you're looking back in time, closer things being nearer in time, more distant being further back, due to the data (light) moving at a constant speed.. kinda mind-boggling when you extrapolate it's implications. And just thinking about if there's even such a moment as 'now'... woah. Weird things like that are the kinds of ideas that entertain him and inspire his music.


His sound is slowly maturing, but also hopefully constantly evolving. His all-time favorite musical hero is Fat Mike of NOFX along with big names such as Ott, Shpongle (the obvious two), Tool, Pink Floyd, Sublime, plus a while load of old reggae, ska and punk that his dad used to play. He even thinks that it must have worked some subliminal magic when he was small. Mostly though, his music is about enjoying himself when he's making it, and hoping that other people can find an equal sense of enjoyment when they listen to it.


So, what is the key message you want to share through your music?

Well, first and foremost, the music is for enjoyment. But the album does have a message of sorts, the only vocal sample (I think...?) says "Use your mind to create the future" (in doing so you will become your own self-fulfilling prophecy).


Anything else you would like to share with your MyzteriousWays fans?

Be conscious, live life.


What can we expect from you in 2012? Any releases? Maybe a tour abroad?

I genuinely don't know what the rest of this year holds in store. I'd love to do all of those things, but time is limited, and I have to work a day job too. I really want to get back to writing as much as I was when I made A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy (I was unemployed at the time), it's tough though. There are a few tracks coming out on compilations soon, so keep you eyes on my facebook page. Also, Sorbet for the Soul is out! It's something really cool I did with the awesome guys behind Radioactive Sandwich. 



Globular Bandcamp

Globular Facebook Page

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