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Written by  Jackie Brown
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Itai Argaman discovered his musical world as a young boy, writing his first orchestral composition at the early age of 15. Later on, he was exposed to electronic soundscapes, and started developing his own unique signature sound.

During this period of development Itai discovered the world of frequencies and sound engineering, and took it one step further with his unique approach and vision.

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Using these capabilities Itai creates new sonic dimensions; morphing, twisting and sculpting sounds into a complete musical journey. These days Itai is composing cinematic scores, producing, engineering and designing sound in his own studio. Itai's first album "My Little Forest" released in 2009, reached an ever-growing worldwide audience, exposing them to his art and passion. His message of an artistic world without boundaries has begun to seep into the fabric of our existence.



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Now that "My Little Forest" has sunk into the ears and souls of listeners around the world, Argaman has spent what seems like a lifetime creating his new masterpiece "Living in a Bubble". This widely anticipated second album is sure to solidify Argaman's role as one of the worlds highest quality producers. After a very exciting MyzteriousWays Maskerade performance in Montreal (Nov. 11, 2011), followed by a gig with Shpongle Live in Israel and Tree of Life Festival in Turkey, many more amazing opportunities arised. "Living in a Bubble" will be an extremely powerful response to the recognition Argaman is begining to receive. 





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