Saturday, 09 March 2013 21:02

Interview with Benji Vaughan from Younger Brother Featured

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8:00PM – One of those never ending weeknights of March 2013


I am cooking, overly fed up with the speakers screaming the same old songs from my playlist. I searched in my office drawers to find my hard drive. Like Indiana Jones’ quest for the Holy Grail, I found an old scratched CD on which I recognized my handwriting: Baba’s hits – 2003. Puzzled by such a highly creative concept, I inserted the CD in my Mac, wishing some music would eventually come out one day.


First track: “Crumblenaut” from Younger Brother’s first album A Flock of Bleeps (Twisted Records, 2003). Ten years later, this masterpiece still sounds like heaven to my ears. Giving my daughter a rapid glance – she was born around that period of time - I wondered what happened to those guys. I clearly remembered some tracks from their second album The Last Days of Gravity (Twisted Records, 2007), but unfortunately I lost their trail afterwards.



Saturday, 31 March 2012 01:52


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phuturep slideshow

Phutureprimitive is the moniker of Northwest producer and song writer Rain. Early childhood photos reveal Rain sitting at the piano plinking keys, grinning from ear to ear.....a true sign of things to come. Continuing his early fascination with music, Rain was later drawn to electronic music, inspired by its ability to combine the best of organically played instruments and the synthetic pleasures of sounds more exotic to the human ear. After beginning a DJ career in the 90s, Rain began incorporating the music he was making in his home studio into his DJ sets. That was all it took to trigger a full blown love affair with electronic music and the process of its creation.....and Phutureprimitive was born.

Sunday, 10 March 2013 03:06

Globular Featured

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Globular started as an attempt to make crazy sounds come out of his brand new hi-fi speakers, via the medium of this mysterious computing machine sat before him sitting before it. He spent quite a long time trying to work it all out, and created some pretty pleasing results along the way. He pictures his music as a kind of an amazing magical land with loads of jelly and ice cream.

Friday, 04 November 2011 05:48

ARGAMAN Featured

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Itai Argaman discovered his musical world as a young boy, writing his first orchestral composition at the early age of 15. Later on, he was exposed to electronic soundscapes, and started developing his own unique signature sound.

Tuesday, 08 May 2012 02:19

Dark Nebula

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dark nebula slideshow

 "I am a scientist, not just a musician, I work by day in a laboratory hidden away in the mountains on the east coast of Australia. When I land in my studio to make music, I take a scientific approach to my sound design, as it takes coincidence and a vision to get to the final experiment. Using this result data, I am able to engage in the next experiment using the redesigned formulas, twisting the ingredients and adjusting to the new colours created. Blending science and sound is the leap forward to something really new.. I really hope to be on the edge of this new wave."

Dark Nebula / DJ Luna Orbit - 2012

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