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Ekoplex is Ray Vincent, a multifaceted psychedelic trance producer from Toronto, Canada. With an arsenal of heavy rolling beats for the dead of night, ethereal offerings for sunrise, and slower grooves for afternoon or early evening, Ekoplex is comfortable performing at any time. His work is a self expressive story of experiences, thoughts and new understandings through musical notes and frequencies, the realization that we are all on a journey asking many of the same question with the hope that we all come together one day.

Over the years, Ekoplex has developed a visually engaging live setup that features a MIDI-controlled guitar and keyboard combination, thus ensuring that every performance is unique.

What can we find in your studio?

I use Cubase as my DAW. Native instruments VSts Uad for a lot of plugins my self made 4 string instrument, I call the root, and a few other guitars. I also use a lot of shakers and drums and whatever I can find. I take my little recorder wherever I go and get my own samples.

Ekoplex has been thrilling dance floors across North America for more than half a decade, playing at many major festivals and indoor events. Some highlights include the Eclipse Festival in 2006 and 2008, Gaian Mind in 2008, Harvest 2008, and the Soma 2008 New Year’s event.

In early 2007, Ekoplex rocketed to the top of the Cytopia sales charts with Castle In The Mountain, a song that combines crunchy techtrance rhythms with glistening melodic highs. Shortly thereafter he made his formal debut with the release of the Enter The Dragon EP on Ektoplazm. This was followed by the massively successful launch of Journey Of The Turtle, Ekoplex’s full-length album, in August of 2008.

Ekoplex's latest release Discovering the Ancient (January 2012), is a downtempo journey and a deep tribal trance experience. Featuring live instrumentation, guest vocalists, and experiments in alternate tuning, this is an incredibly vibrant album bringing the genre to a new level.

What can we expect from you in 2012? A tour? Maybe a release?

I am working on a new project with Su called Shamanatronica, that will be more of a live preformance. I will also be releasing an album out of that.

Anything else you want to say to your MyzteriousWays fans?

I have been building and desining my own instruments to explore new sounds and microtones. I will be playing it live at the MyzteriousWays Maskerade on November 9. It's called the Root, so see you there!





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