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Myzterious Ways keeps you informed on what is really happening in the electro scene by providing you with media coverage and video footage on various local and international artists. Do not miss the exciting stories from our foreign correspondents who will keep you posted with their planet BOOM spot news.


2011-03-26 - frequinox


The planet has made changes, and for many it has been devastating. Although Japan may seem very far away, the people are our brothers and sisters. The earthquake and tsunami need no further introduction. It represents destruction and creation all at once.

The promoters hope that this celebration of change builded positive energy and provided even the smallest contribution to the disastrous circumstances being lived by the victims. They officially raised $355 for Japanese Quake Relief.

HUGE THANKS to all who came and participated at Frequinox !











Thick Blooded

Schrodinger Kats

Line Spectra




Antonio Bavaro : drag performance

Cricri Bellerose and Jason Lavine : Ladidada - Burlesque

Xululululuuum : Live video and sound performance

Cat Syra : belly dance

Brendan De Montigny : Live painting

::: KIOSKS :::

Queer Concordia

Beads of Awareness

Concordia Volunteer Abroad Program

Sweet Turtle


Thursday, 10 March 2011 01:33

Myzterious Ways @ Dig.iT.aL Sundays

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Myzterious Ways was at Blizzarts to cover the launch of the new monthly event organized by Living~Stone : Dig.iT.aL Sundays.

Do not miss the next ones! Free party and good vibes every second Sunday of the month.

Monday, 07 February 2011 05:30

Myzterious Ways thank DJ Anima!

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DJ Anima is one of the most dedicated, hard-working and good spirit DJ we have in our local scene. Myzterious Ways' crew would like to thank him for his involvement in the community and congratulate him for DJ School Montreal, a professional training centre where anyone, regardless of their age, music taste or level, can learn the art of DJing as well as guitar and bass.

Tuesday, 07 December 2010 03:18

Block Rockin' Beats

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