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Myzterious Ways keeps you informed on what is really happening in the electro scene by providing you with media coverage and video footage on various local and international artists. Do not miss the exciting stories from our foreign correspondents who will keep you posted with their planet BOOM spot news.


Sunday, 17 April 2011 04:15

Interview with Menog

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This friendly 32 years old Portugese is a superstar in the Trance-Psychedelic community since more than a decade. He made his way to the top and is now internationally known and booked all over the globe.

Menog developped a particular sound thats suits his character perfectly. His melodies and arrangements - genious combination of tribal, hard kick and a deadly basslines - will bring you in a state of pure bliss!

Last month, Menog delivered an insane live performance at the famous St. Patrick Lofts (Montreal). I had the pleasure to meet him and (why not?) ask for an interview. I also danced on his set at Freakuency, a weekly psy night, where he was DJ Hexa-5' special guest.

Lets all step into Menog's world...

Saturday, 12 February 2011 16:17

Connecting with Argaman in Myzterious Ways.....

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During the summer of 2010, Myzterious Ways crew felt under the spell of Argaman when we all listened to "My Little Forest" albulm for the first time. If you don't know this artist yet, take a deep breath, and get ready to have some spine-chilling! The depth and quality of his recordings plus innate understanding of music make his albulm one of the the greatest and most inspiring we have ever heard! Argaman was kind enough to answer our questions as we are all curious to learn who he is and what he is planning for the future. So press play on the music player below, enjoy the following article and connect with Argaman in Myzterious Ways...

**Special thanks to one of our Myzterious member and dedicated fan of Argaman who provided us with a full translation of the article in Hebrew for all our Israeli Myzterious supporters around the world (see below)! - תרגום של עברית מתחת ***

Wednesday, 09 February 2011 06:51

DJ NOYL released a new free mix!

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DJ NOYL released a new mix full of big tunes, epic vocals, smashing beats

all well mixed in a nice package.

Free download : http://www.jaimeledubstep.com/mixes/JLD_no95_Dj_Noyl.mp3

myzterious freakz maskerade



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