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Myzterious Ways keeps you informed on what is really happening in the electro scene by providing you with media coverage and video footage on various local and international artists. Do not miss the exciting stories from our foreign correspondents who will keep you posted with their planet BOOM spot news.


Wednesday, 23 May 2012 02:04

Dr. Sketchy Documentary

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sketchydocposter web

After touring numerous festivals, including the Montreal Fringe Festival in 2011, the Dr. Sketchy's documentary is finally available for viewing on line!

Dr. Sketchy is an unconventionel life-drawing class! Burlesque performers, dancers and other costumed characters will follow. This phenomenon was created by artist Molly Crabapple and has been taking place in its founding city, New York, since 2005 (www.drsketchy.com).

Wednesday, 23 May 2012 00:30

Montreal Zombie Walk

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The Montréal Zombie Walk returns

There will be brains.

There will be blood.

There will be moaning.

Last year at the July 2011 event the horde got split up by traffic lights, we will perhaps try and organize captains in order to keep the horde together. Zombie solidarity. Let us know if you'd like to volunteer.

We will have a space in which to prep our makeup together. This is an open call for make-up artists to offer their services (fee to be worked out between the artist and the zombie). The space will be available as of noon, we will start the walk at 3pm.

Our cause will be Head & Hands.

Where: Main Line Theatre - 3997 St. Laurent Blvd, Montreal (Quebec) Canada

When: 12:00 PM - 06:00 PM / Walk starts at 3:00 PM

Facebook Page

2011 Montreal Zombie Walk

Saturday, 28 April 2012 22:22

Myzterious Ways TV

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Hey guys!

Every month, I post one of my favorite old playlists. We launched this section with Hallucinogen, now it is time for Krusseldorf, a diverse genre-crossing musician and producer working on many projects in different constellations, with 18 full length albums behind him over the years and many more EPs and single releases.

Enjoy the ride !

Z. Le Duc


Sunday, 21 November 2010 07:49

Mekkanikka @ ORION 2012

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mekkanika_web copy

Prepare yourselves for a special New Year Eve :

Mekkanikka is coming back in town, this time with a brand new album:
California Dreaming !

mekkanika_web copy_thumb








HIGHLIFE Recordings, a new digital label from Reims (France), is proud to release its first masterpiece:



Remo is a pluridimentional artist (PhD in Musicology), manager of HUNGRY Studio and co-founder of Ipotocaticac. His music is at the crossroads of Dubstep and asbtract Electronica.

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